Incorporated Studio completed the design for a project entitled Sixteen Doors and consisting of a cozy residence nestled in the clearing of a forest in rural Upstate New York. With an exterior adorned by wood, a picturesque deck and generously-sized windows, the residence is camouflaged in its environment and takes advantage of all the peacefulness the privileged landscape offers. The interiors are absolutely charming, with colors reigning throughout and rustic details seamlessly blending with modern decor elements and captivating wall art. Acting as the core of the house, the open plan living and dining space is filled with energy. Inviting seating units, fluffy pillows, original looking bar chairs, picture frames and various art decorations make this interior highly original. The eclectic design is taken further into the bedrooms, where comfort is mixed with tastefulness and surprise. What are the details you find most inspiring about this lovely forest home?