We love to see projects that flourish after years of research and development. Creativeness flows through its every inch of the NINO office system, a dynamic and flexible piece of furniture encouraging sociability in the workplace. After spending 2 years to research this new approach to collaborative working, Arianna De Luca‘s project gathers three important features in one mobile office system – flexibility, dynamism and sociability. Composed of a stand supporting easy to assemble satellite objects, NINO encourages an up-to-date interaction between co-workers, leaving static and outdated office furniture way behind.

This is the concept behind the versatile NINO system: “In depth practice-based research highlighted the need for tools and conditions capable of supporting mobile, flexible and social dynamics within the work environment. Nowadays most workers spend 60% of their working day away from the desk and all the tools we daily use at work (laptops, mobile phone, cloud computing etc) do not require anymore static and fixed positions. But companies still allocate a huge expense to buy and install workstations that are occupied only a few hours per day. NINO office system introduces a new mobile and multifunctional solution which allows companies to provide fewer workstations used as working hubs in a more suitable way for the contemporary worker.” If you liek it as much as we do, you should be happy to know that NINO is currently exhibited at New Designers 2012 at the Design Business Centre in London.