Part of an ambitious urban regeneration project embellishing a land that used to be defined by hydroelectric-powered textile industries, the new Oloron Saint Marie Multimedia Center displays its bold architecture in the town of Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France. French architectural firm Pascale Guédot, in collaboration with Michel Corajoud, took this first step in re-imagining this abandoned beret factory into a wonderful media center built on the remaining stone foundation. Located at the confluence of the Aspe and Ossau torrents, it just had to capture this natural beauty within its architecture, so the architects designed the 2,700 square meter building as a main wood latticed volume floating on top of a glass level below, where children are encouraged to discover new things. This beautifully modern multimedia center was linked to the opposite banks via two walkways uniting in a 1,255 square meter public concourse and creating a necessary connection between river banks. A 44 car parking space ensures visitors are carefree when walking through the Oloron Saint Marie Multimedia Center’s glass entrance.