Located on the 56th floor of the famous Montparnasse Tower, at a 210 meter-hight, restaurant Ciel de Paris was designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance and comes with a sweeping view of the the city below. The comfortable and contemporary design invites guests in a setting that is difficult to forget. Dim lighting is spread through the restaurants, from behind the circular mirrors on the ceiling, the edges of the room and from beneath the curved central bar. Here are further captivating details from the architects: “From the bay windows to the central bar, depending on the aura of the mirrors, the skilled composition of the sombre reflections strengthens and transforms perspectives. The view becomes space; space becomes the view. The golden glints of the City of Light bounce off the sensual curves and materials. Paris is sparkling and all of a sudden the tower is more desirable. This primarily touristic venue has become welcoming and ethereal, a pleasurable experience designed for everyone.” Does this look like a place you would like to dine in?