Occupying over 2,000 square meters on a Brisbane property, the Fig Tree Pocket House 2was first imagined by a family in search of their ideal home as a modest two story residence embedded in the sloping north facing Australian bushland. They commissioned Shane Plazibat Architects to design the house according to their needs and this resulted in a concrete framed, timber cladded modern house. Architects describe the way this residential construction displays its features: “The house is organized into 2 zones in section, carport, arrival and sleeping upstairs and living, pool and courtyard downstairs. An internal 2 storey linear bamboo garden traversing the length of the house along the east-west axis creates a reference point within the plan. The garden also allows for the creation of 1 room deep planning on both levels to enhance cross ventilation and access to daylight.” Three north-facing bedrooms lie on top of a perfectly manicured set of interior gardens adorning the downstairs living areas and helping with¬† cross ventilation. Sustainable, green and modern, this house serves as example for those looking to include modern sustainability features in their own dream home.