Besides wonderful inspiration and smart solutions, the new IKEA Catalog 2013 welcomes mobile augmented-reality making IKEA fans one of the most lavished people. The most recent annual IKEA catalog offers inspiration for better everyday life at home transposed into the digital world with the help of an interactive mobile app that unveils hidden details in the catalogs. Available starting with the week of July 30, the catalog will be followed by the release of the free IKEA Catalog App on July 31st. Some products captured within 324 pages will have the smartphone symbol guiding you through dynamic inspiration films and features and even “behind the scenes” footage of their motivating work on the project. Just a small glimpse into the new world of IKEA leaves us wanting more: “For instance, we’ve stopped dividing life at home into rooms. Bedrooms, for example – they’re as varied as the ways people sleep. We’ve taken away our notions of what defined a ‘bedroom’ and replaced them with the idea ‘sleeping.’ We know that some homes don’t have ‘bedrooms’ – they have one 24-hour room where people live and sleep. Life is about activities; not the walls that define where they unfold.” Can’t wait to unlock this new world of IKEA possibilities!