We ran across a simple, yet “heavy” interior design idea that could be applied to any room in search of personality. Thomas Quinn painted letters above his parents’ garage, delivering the message: “Face reality as it is”. From the perfect, steady message, it is enough to move a step back to see how the perspective changes, delivering a different space composition. In this case, irony prevails: you can never truly know what how reality is defined. What seems perfectly clear at one point, can be shattered the next. We love this creative anamorphic typography project found on Illusion.scene360 and we believe similar messages can created, with just as much depth. In case you find this project as interesting as we do, be sure to check out the rest of the related posts we featured on Freshome: the amazing Floating Indoor DeLorean Car, these creative installations by Joseph Egan and Hunter Thomson or the Anamorphic Illusions by Swiss artist Felice Varini.