We received photos and information about a creative furniture project entitled TOAD side table, developed by Philipp Beisheim, an artist currently living in Germany.  The designer told us that his aim is not to try to solve problems, it is much more about creating new situations, that simplifies a discussion by bringing in a new context. During the design process a number of difficulties will come along, and the challenge is to solve these in a well-considered and creative way. An object needs to be designed to mean something to those who use it, so that the owner or user can develop a special bond with it over the years, placed into a contemporary context. The Outcome is frequently experimental in its use of materials and often inspired by pure need and relies more on invention and reduction than on the refinement of previous styles. TOAD side table is an exploration in creating new forms by adding stability to an object. A single table segment cannot stand independently; it has to be connected with at least two other segments to create a stable playful configuration. This was one of the most important factors in determining the form of the table. TOAD is made from solid ash and the top is lacquered. This versatile side table with its elegant details is designed to be used in various environments serving well next to a sofa.