La Seóra hammock was inspired by two significant cultures in the city of Miami; the Cubans and the Americans. A general image of an American armchair is one of those huge ones, with the plush padding, the foot rest folding up, and the drink holder on your side, then we have the typical Cuban hammock. The result is La Seora; a hybrid between a hammock a chaise-long and an armchair. Made from high quality Birch marine plywood and assembled with stainless steel fixings, the plywood beams prevent your back from slouching and relieves back strain, a common problem found in conventional hammocks made of fabric or net. As a result this unique assembly is extremely ergonomic and comfortable providing a unique relaxing experience. Integrated armrests open when needed and the lower footrest can be adjusted according to your height for supreme comfort. Seora’s distinctive stand made from stainless steel can be quickly disassembled into three pieces for easy storage. In addition there are several accessories (all made from leading outdoor Sunbrella fabrics) which can be added to enhance your Seóra experience; a pillow for added head comfort and a side pocket to keep hold of your essential magazines, sunglasses and iPad. [Photos and information via press release by Anthony Logothetis]