Building over an original rustic farmhouse surrounded by a serene rural landscape and adding a modern touch to this residential building caught in between eras, the creative team of Invisible Studio re-imagined the details of the 2,368 square feet Starfall Farm. Located in Bath and North East Somerset, UK, this interesting residence took shape from the remains of an old farmhouse altered to be suited for a contemporary lifestyle, but keeping its charming country side intact. The challenges defined this project, guiding the team towards transforming the “hideously extended, but originally very pretty farmhouse in St Catherine’s valley” into a welcoming mixture of rustic and modern styles. An extension made mostly of materials from the demolished barns allows owners Xa Sturgis and Anna Benn to enjoy more of the landscape than they would have before this extensive renovation.

The designer shares his inspiration: “At the time, I was rather obsessed by the rawness in Sandy Wilson’s Scroope Terrace extension in Cambridge in which I was working – I love all the concrete benches and so on in that building. Starfall has a very simple asymmetric section that allows the morning light to penetrate deep into the building and flood it with light. For me, the project was also a way of reconciling all the thermal deficiencies of Moonshine, which is far too lightweight – Starfall is ruthlessly thermally massive, and with it incredibly efficient. As ever, Kris Eley helped me reconcile all that, Tinyue Liu drew it beautifully and Structures 1 engineered it effortlessly. Thanks again to Peter Clegg for recommending me for the project.