Terzani is a family-owned Italian lighting company that was founded by Sergio Terzani in Florence in 1972. By combining traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology, the company creates lighting that blurs the lines of art, luxury and design.  Taking experimental lighting design a step further, Terzani commissions designs from renowned artists including Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Christian Lava and Dodo Arlsan.

The Precious collection features six stunning lighting products, all of which redefine the way luxury lighting is made. Designed by Barlas Baylar, Atlantis is a breathtaking installation that is reminiscent of some kind of deep sea marine animal. Hundreds of illuminated lengths of draped nickel chain – measuring three miles in total – cascade down from the gloss nickel band giving the impression of tentacles hanging down into the abyss of the ocean.

Stream is a stunning design from Christian Lava for Terzani. Featuring over seven kilometres of metal chain hanging in tiers from a nickel-plated frame, Stream casts an tranquil and striking shadow around the room. It is available as a suspension light, a wall light or as a floor lamp.

Combining traditional artisan techniques with cutting edge technology, Soscik is a modern reinvention of the classic chandelier designed by Nicolas Terzani. Created by interlacing metal chain over a nickel-plated frame, Soscik creates a dramatic yet romantic effect that would look great in a modern interior.

Which one of these beautiful, ethereal lights is your favourite? We’d love to know.