“Playing” with volumes and color contrasts, Marta González Arquitectos designed a 600 square-meter residence with highly modern features in Madrid, Spain. Vivienda Gago displays the architects’ inclination towards horizontal development. The main objective of the project (that of taking full advantage of the surrounding natural elements) was achieved with the help of generous windows in every single room of the house. With a striking white stone finish, the main level contrasts the bottom floor, a visually intriguing black base, opening up towards the garden perimeter. The double-height living room is probably the most spectacular interior of the residence and is connected with the outside porch and garden. A black and white color palette sets an elegant tone for the design. With plenty of lounge space, a generous dining table, a large bar table and an all-equipped kitchen, this place is an open invite to socializing. [Photography by Marta González]