We were recently sent an intriguing project that we would love to share further. The LusionBloom magnetic flower vase was designed by Jonathan Morgan and has an interesting story behind: “The project began as a one of a kind vase to be used for my wedding. While planning for my wedding, I brainstormed an eye-catching magnetic vase, sure to intrigue wedding guests. Familiar with magnetic field theory, as a result of my graduate thesis in magnetic field surgical robotics that I was working on at the time, I knew that the illusionary magnetic leaning vase was scientifically viable. I began prototyping a vase to be used for my wedding and ended up with a product that amazed everyone who saw it. The LusionBloom design is currently patent pending, has been manufactured, and is now on sale for everyone“.

According to the developers, LusionBloom makes use of a unique arrangement of ferrous materials and a neodymium magnet attached to the base of the vase to remain upright, even while leaning. Vases are magnetically attracted to a thin steel base plate that can be placed on top of a table or cleverly hidden under a table covering. Vases resist toppling due to wind, pets, or a rocking boat. They can even be magnetically stacked, creating innumerable multi-tier floral arrangements; just have a look at the video below to see how that works.