Located in Romania’s capital – Bucharest – the Vultureni House exhibits a powerful modern architecture style that challenges owners to live up to their full potential surrounded by fascinating contemporary design lines. Romanian architecture studio TECON Architects saw the long and narrow site as an opportunity to create a “private meets public” residence, where the spaces are divided into a public front courtyard and a private backyard. Accessible via an elegant collection of asymmetric steps embedded in the gently sloping terrain accompanied by rounded windows piercing the pure white facade, the interiors showcase a bright, welcoming arrangement focusing on the idea of transparency.

Skylights and rounded windows, glass walls alongside glass staircase railings – they all participate in creating a spacious naturally lit atmosphere: “Once inside the volume, is a total paradigm shift. To the simplicity, the austerity, the introverted character of the outer volume, it is opposed a fluid interior space, continuous, with strong visual connections between all interior spaces. The surrounding visual connections between spaces controlled by cuts in the outer skin of the volume, together with different areas of the two courtyards increase the feeling of the internal volume.” Displaying carefully designed details both inside and outside, the Vultureni House is a great example of urban residential architecture mapping Romania’s emerging modern architecture.