Another successful renovation focuses the spotlight on architect Robert Gurney‘s portfolio. This new residence was named the Crab Creek House after being positioned on the foundation of a 1960s post and beam modern house in Annapolis, Maryland. According to the architect, “the foundation was kept in an effort to retain it’s proximity to Crab Creek, an estuary that feeds the Chesapeake Bay.” Also, the strict environmental regulations challenged the resulting architecture to take the shape of the existing foundation. All the spaces were arranged around a linear white stucco bar, with an artistic collage of building materials adorning the facade. Wood and metal siding compose a beautiful modern geometry alongside glass walls and openings. From inside, views open towards the pool in the back and sweep over Crab Creek. Light-flooded living spaces oriented towards the panoramas display high ceiling and a powerful connection to the surroundings. A covered porch makes the transitions between interiors and exterior smooth, almost unnoticeable. Another excellent display of how to use the power of natural light, just as seen in the Harkavy Residence.