LEGO has inspired many artists to create using their iconic building blocks. From using 20,000 of them to build colorful staircases to photographic works displaying Lego additions, these tiny objects have been through many hands and inspired many minds. In Wuppertal, Germany, the underside of a bridge was painted by German street artist Megx in a playful Lego-inspired pattern showcasing red, yellow, green and blue building blocks, with a large darker green platform on top. Martin Meuwold – by his real name – transformed the old train overpass with the help of a construction team’s supervision. It took 4 weeks to complete the 250 square meter project, but the results brighten up the street below the bridge that used to be a train rail but is now a pedestrian and bicycle path. How many Lego-inspired designs have you seen during your trips to different places or Internet addresses? Share them with all of us, maybe one of us will be next in creating stunning Lego art.