Neopolis sent us photos and information regarding their newest project, an apartment design in the city of Banská Bystrica, Central Slovakia. According to their description, “the interior is designed for three people – married couple and son. There is an entrance hall with decorative floor tiles which continues up along with the side frame of a mirror. Kitchen and living room are joined into one big open space. The most interesting part of the living room is the fireplace – it has no chimney. A bio-ethanol burning system with nice flame effect and no smoke creates a great atmosphere.Cream-brown colors contribute to the warmth of the space. The apartment also features a guest room which is temporary a home office as well, accommodating a lot of book-shelfs and storing cabinets. Master bedroom is quite large, with a bright an airy feeling.

The children’s bedroom stands out: using of green color palette makes this room more fresh and less conservative than the rest of the flat. A bathroom with two wash-basins also acts as the technical room with wash machine and dryer. The main materials used in the design were massive wood, special glossy furniture materials, Italian leather, and high-end ceramics. This is also the reason behind using a very simple design, consisting of straight lines without curves and wild decorations”. How would you comment on the overall design of this apartment in Slovakia?