A bold statement can be made with a single piece of furniture that acts as a design liaison between other furniture and decor pieces. This is the case with cabinet Bold1, which just came out in 2012, under the supervision of Italian brand Ex-t, which focuses of designing and building home furniture of all kinds, especially beautiful bathroom furniture. Designed by Mist-o for the Italian company, this elegantly simple cabinet can be placed anywhere in your home – it would look stunning in the hallway, where its joyful design would welcome guests, or in the living room, under the discreet light of a floor lamp. Two rounded non-functional handles showcase the playful side of this modern cabinet, while its sleek simple shape keeps the overall look classy. If you would like to fit it in the bathroom, a rounded washbasin can be just the thing you need to complete the look. This piece of furniture displays boldness both in name and shape, making it an ambassador for modern furniture.