Exploring elements of the owner’s lifestyle throughout the floor plan, this elegant apartment re-imagined for an adventurous lady displays the core of her passions – diving and traveling. Designer Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates constructed an appealing interior design that focuses on lighting up the space and composing a home that cares for the owner’s needs while showcasing her passions – dream home, right? Entering the apartment, an open living space provokes the mind with a display of water-inspired decorative elements – the curved TV wall extends to up and folds on the ceiling, reminiscent of trampolines or waves. Spotlights draw the attention to the rug reminiscent of waves and the glass case displaying different shaped and sized shells.

Shades of green, black and white continue into the open kitchen and extend beyond the┬ádark framed glass wall separating the living from the dining space, which used to be the 3rd bedroom before the renovation. Brightly accentuated by reflecting green walls, the kitchen is connected to the living by a counter replacing the wall that used to enclose this cooking space. Designers created and installed a dark drywall featuring an abstract clock mural hiding the fridge. The single woman lives alone, but receives visits from her mother – this led to designing the private zones: “In the main bedroom, we split the space into 3 distinct areas – the raised bed deck, the walk-in closet outside the bathroom and the TV area. A playful art installation of butterflies and twigs features on the wall against which the bed is placed. For a more subdued look in the master bedroom, we decided to keep all the colors here serene and light. This airy touch extends to the design of the spare bedroom, which the mum would sleep in when she comes over.