We are happy to announce the launch of a new San Francisco-based custom art business – Woodcut Maps. These affordable art pieces are custom-made for each client, according to their  preferences and laser-cut to display their map of choice. Here is how the studio describes the process: “Our wood-inlay maps are individually-designed by customers and then laser cut and hand assembled by our team. Each map has a unique look due to the customer’s design, the wood grain, and our assembly and finishing process. With our online design tool at woodcutmaps.com, a user can zoom in and out of maps of any location in the world, define precise borders for their map, and choose from a selection of exotic hardwoods to identify the roads, water and landscapes in their inlay map. After completing the perfect design of their special place and submitting their order online, we take over. Two weeks later, a one-of-a-kind hand-assembled map arrives to their door.” Under the attentive supervision of a small team of four people, the maps are created according to each customer’s requests. With over 100 maps designed so far, Woodcut Maps have experienced both sentimental values of their work – customers wanting maps of places they grew up in, where they met their soul mate or their current living location – but also interesting requests like famous haunted places, popular museums, Oakland public spaces and interesting coastlines. What piece of Earth would you chose to display in your home?