Named after the “warning call shouted by construction workers before exploding the rock mountain in Jerusalem“, the textured Barud House appears as a woven residential construction pierced by large windows exploring the surrounding views. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, the stunning house embedded in the landscape occupies a total area of 350 square meters on a 850 square meter property. Creative minds of Paritzki Liani Architects worked on this project by drawing inspiration from three sources: “Our treatment of the site emerged from this stabilitas loci, which we subdivided into three main themes: Jerusalem, a city of rock and stone; wide aerial views; and the sacred architecture of multiple religions intersecting in the skyline. These images composed the texture and backdrop for the project.” The L-shaped first floor plan incorporates the coarse terrain as part of the house, weaving an exposed rock wall into the interior display. Separated by a glass wall, this natural formation lends the living space an aura of coarse beauty. Above, the next two floors were designed to converge with the rock and shape a tunnel leading from the top of the site, alongside the sloping terrain, to the bottom of the structure. All these features compose a unique architectural language engaging the landscape it shapes.