Studio Garneau sent us photos and information about their latest project, consisting of a striking transformation of a derelict pre-war studio apartment. This is the press release we were sent: “The design goal was to create a clean and simple haven of light and space, visually unencumbered by the possessions while still providing functionality required to make daily rituals both pleasurable and effortless. The design solution was to create a flexible, adaptive mini-loft that emphasizes sweeping views while providing supportive functionality in a single large open space. Built-in millwork is a calm white on the outside in contrast with lush walnut interiors. Cabinets stretch from floor to ceiling, folding, sliding, pivoting, and responding to different needs by concealing and revealing as needed. Sliding a wall carves a bedroom from the living room, while revealing a library or a home office. Tilting down a wall-bed unveils a walnut clad sleeping nook complete with bedside niches. A tiled washroom wall opens to expose walnut clad laundry hampers and linen closets. Pressing a button converts a table into a countertop, complete with secret compartment inside.

The result is a customized environment which adapts to constantly changing requirements of its residents, engaging in a game of hide and seek, revealing and concealing layers of spaces as needed. The project is an exploration of the power of custom design, optimized for long-term solutions that are not just a quick, generic solution. Craftsmanship and meticulous detailing are used throughout. Like a Swiss Army knife, the apartment and its furniture are compact, well-considered, thoughtfully designed, and multi-functional. The design effort and construction process focused on minimizing environmental impact. From improving acoustic and air indoor qualities, to reducing energy and water use, to using ecologically certified materials, and ultimately by adapting and optimizing a compact existing apartment to minimize resources”.