Homeowners and designers Lynda and Peter Benoit(of Melander Architects) embarked on the challenging task of remodeling a poorly planned, 1,100 square-feet loft situated in a former steam engine factory in Emeryville, California. The focal point and one of the most creative additions of the new home is Peter’s masterwork: “a completely customized 16-by-17-by-10-foot wooden box that accommodates a bookcase on the outside, a bedroom on the inside, and a dressing-room mezzanine above“. Access in the “hidden chamber” is ensured by a lateral stairway, perfectly integrated in the overall design. This box-within-a box project captured our attention and made us want to search for further details. You can observe the multi-functional addition from various standing points in the photos below and judge for yourself if this unusual bedroom is practical or on the contrary, takes up too much space. Project found on : Dwell