Studio ALBUS Design took our breath away with a project inspired by Brazilian culture. Gathered around 150 pounds of bananas celebrating artist Carmen Miranda’s influence on cultural diversity, a collection of carefully chosen decorative elements create a Latin-inspired home comfort. Encouraging this radical aesthetic innovation started by Carmen Miranda, the design created by architect Henrique Steyer and designer Felipe Rijo, of ALBUS Design was imagined to encompass the owners’ significant artwork and antiques collection – “the drawings by Djanira in the wall over the sofa share the space with a painting by Di Cavalcanti and the cocoon-shaped sculpture by Siron Franco” – as well as an interesting collection of feather art displayed throughout. Baroque saints and silver torches next to an antique mirror steal the spotlight once you got used to the bananas: “Yes, we have bananas!” That is how we sum up this project in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. Inspired in the Brazilian culture and its many influences, this living room is an example of Brazil’s cultural diversity. Just as the Brazilian people is a result of miscegenation, the creation of this living was a search for the perfect mix. Henrique traveled with the home owner to New York, Miami and Rio de Janeiro, looking for an essentially latin harmony.