Ever wondered how it would be like to live in an art gallery or inhabit a library? Bauart Architects took this idea further and developed the A+P House, a project emphasizing on culture in its many shapes. Stacked up wooden volumes sculpturally shape up the exterior, while  glass piercings in the walls allow unobstructed views over the town of Meilen in Switzerland. Once you step inside, the gallery-like interiors take over: “A staircase that connects six levels from basement to roof terrace, has been designed as an open access library with galleries. For the clients, it’s all about books and texts, therefore every room has a library use in addition to its original purpose. To further emphasize the importance of books, the ceiling above the ‘book tower‘ has been covered with a layer of gold, as an homage to historical paintings“. How would you comment on the overall layout of this residence? Does an art gallery meet your expectations of an ideal home?