Being in continuous connection with its surroundings, the Snowflower lamp from Mencke and Vagnby hovers in the air, moving with each breeze or touch to create a dynamic interaction display. It’s shaped from 150 identical lightweight “petals” that guide light away from the bulb in an artistic expression of “a crisp and blue skied winter day“, as its creators explain. A poetic description from the designers give us an idea of the atmosphere created around this simple, beautiful piece of lighting: “The Snowflower is drawn with the brushes of light and shade, creating a vibrant translucent pattern, like rays of sun, breezing through a leafy crown. The final touch of gravity performs perfect curvatures on the slender design of Mencke & Vagnby. The light from Snowflower is 100% glare free and can be fitted with new energy saving bulbs as well as traditional ones“. Materials shape this self-assembly lamps into an elegant yet playful design – Japanese polystyrene petals are carefully placed on a skeleton of 30 ribs connected by a bottom and top ring – all surrounding a lamp holder with a 3 meter long textile power cord. This 30 minute assembly requirement could be a chance to connect with the lamp for the first time and understand its dynamics – how many of you think it is worth the time?