We know how Stockholm hides a collection of impressive apartments, displaying charming combinations of old, revamped details and modern space planning solutions enhanced by contemporary accents. This apartment is no different – occupying the top two floors of an 1885 building, this bright residential space used to be a two-story attic before creativity transformed it into a light-flooded relaxation shell. Both of the floors sum up to 1,302 square feet including an inviting terrace overlooking the city’s rooftops.

This stretch of outdoors space is accessible via sliding glass walls straight from the living space, creating a strong connection to the open, breezy interiors. Dark flooring on the terrace matches the rooftop, while the pristine interior features charming details like the fireplace by the floor-to-ceiling bookcase or the minimalist kitchen cabinetry design. A sculptural staircase in the kitchen/dining area leads to the upstairs living space, while a second set of decorative stairs lead from this social hub up to an attic bedroom tucked away under the low ceiling. There are at least three spots in this Stockholm Apartment I would find relaxing – the terrace, the cozy bedroom and the dining room staircase, where I would sit just to get another perspective on the charming design. How about you?