One of the simplest ways of redecorating is using the power of a few perfectly spread cushions. This apparently simple task has to be done after researching the best pattern, color and texture that suits your interiors. Today we present you Andrew Martin‘s attention-grabbing cushion fabrics – a collection of inspiring patterns sold either by the yard or by the repeat, depending on the drawings they display. These fun fabrics help create a playful atmosphere, lacking the rigidity that leads to uncomfortable spaces. Choosing between the 6 new cushion fabrics can be a lot of fun – their inspiration draws the attention to different interests, from comic books to decks of cards and vintage scenes. Each of the patterns were given a name describing their influence: I want to be, Croupier, 60s show, Scoops, Wild West, Glory-Re. See if you can spot at least one pattern that would perfectly integrate in your existing interior design and share it with us.