Capturing the surrounding Navada desert land, the Rondolino Residence lends the name of its owner – Fabrizio Rondolino, an independent Italian writer. Designed to occupy 1,200 square feet of building space and 900 square feet of exterior deck, this vacation residential building is actually the prototype of the T-modulome, a prefabricated building system first developed in 2002 by Nottoscale. This stretch of desert near Scotty’s Junction, Nevada, had to be transformed in order to accommodate a modern lifestyle – a well was dug and a leach field created, electricity was brought to the site and a dirt path was built to lead up to the wood, concrete and glass house.

The owner’s love for the desert and the collaboration between designers and contractors made all this possible. The powerful connection between the inside and outside was created by placing floor-to-ceiling windows in all spaces and slightly raised the building on a concrete plinth to take advantage of the views. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms welcome owner and friends to this modern secluded vacation house. Social spaces are composed of a large open kitchen, a dining room and living room area easily extendable to the outside deck. Here, a sunken-in hot tub completes the idea of relaxation and seems to be a welcoming luxury feature almost impossible to find in the desert.