Kashani is an Israeli company founded by brothers Efi and Shlomi Kashani. The duo combine state of the art engineering capabilities with design skills and craftsmanship to create the most gorgeous bathroom furniture. The products are made in small numbers with a limited production and are therefore easily customizable by the end user. Each design starts life as a sketch on a piece of paper before being transformed into a digital prototype using 3D modelling software. After thorough testing, the products are manufactured from wood using CNC milling machines and finished by hand.

Kashani currently produce three different ranges designed by Naty Moskovich and Yonatan Assouline: Logged up; Wood & White; and Alpha. The Wood & White series is created using CNC technology to form the wood which is then given a beautiful contrast through the use of white powder paint. The stand alone Sandra bath is complemented by the Alex sink with its functional Corian shelf, which is also a feature of the Rif Raf stools.

The smooth lines and elegant curves of the stand alone Alpha bath make for a sculptural addition to the Alpha bathroom collection. The Feijoa sink is the perfect addition to the range and when joined by the Royal fig stool the overall effect of the collection is simply breathtaking.

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