Looking into the future and the ocean with an exceptional marine skyscraper design named SeaOrbiter, humanity will learn more about 80 % of life on Earth, hidden in the oceans. The construction of this impressive research ocean skyscraper will begin by the end of 2012. Atypically rising 170 feet (51m) tall, this collection of laboratories will be the first vertical vessel to sail in the name of oceanography. It has been a concept for twelve years, and now, this colossal ocean lab will take shape under the attentive supervision of its creator –  French architect Jacques Rougerie. Part submarine, part research vessel, the SeaOrbiter is expected to cost around $43 million and will be powered by sustainable resources like solar, wind and wave power. Supported by former NASA Administrator Dan Goldin, the European Space Agency as well as other industrial organizations, this amazing ocean skyscraper found on MyModernMet will be exploring uncharted territories and help construct a better understanding of our planet.