Casa Vale Do Lobo borrows the name from its proximity to the Vale do Lobo luxury beach and golf resort in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal. Focusing attention both on the white architecture pierced by glass walls and on the extraordinary swimming pool, architect Vasco Vieira of Arqui+Arquitectura composed a light-flooded modern architectural masterpiece. Extending the house in a U-shaped floor plan, this fascinating water feature cantilevers and flows into the pool below. From the wooden deck connecting the pool and the house, owners and guests can enjoy the surroundings, while the interiors were designed on several levels, challenging everyone to experience different vantage points from which to observe the natural surroundings and the man-made pool structure. Found on TrendsNow, Casa Vale Do Lobo displays inventive, unique features adapted to the specific site conditions and client brief, resulting in a breathtaking composition.