Reshaping a residence to take into consideration its surroundings was a challenge for Bortolotto Design Architect Inc. Their creative team refreshed the look of the traditional 2 and a half story house, transforming it into a four floors-high, bright, beautifully composed residential collection of spaces. It has come to be known as the Urban Ravine House because of its proximity to a fascinating natural environment that guided the design process. The house went from occupying 1,600 square foot to 4,000 square foot of undeniably modern spaces. Architects describe the house as being “oriented at all four levels to the natural beauty of the ravine to the south, with views to the city’s towers during the winter months and with views of a natural forest in the summer months. The house now has two faces, the traditional one facing the street and a modern one open to the ravine.”

You can see the transformation went from cluttered and outdated to open and light-flooded in the before and after photos. The center of the house now receives direct natural light through a  staircase light well ascending from ground floor to the last level skylight. Strongly connected to the outside via outdoor decks and steps leading down the sloped forested yard, the modern house proves to be a successful redesign project. Making its way through translucent walls and surfaces and an overhang-protected glazed south side, natural light becomes part of the design, complementing either smaller rooms like the bathroom or flooding large spaces, like the the double-height living room with natural light. This is a major change, see for yourself in the photos below and enjoy the inspiration!