Undertaking the renovation of a 1980s home in Aspen, Colorado, Stonefox Design recreated the interior spaces to suit the needs of its owners – a young couple who were looking to showcase their collection of avant-garde contemporary art. The Aspen Residence now shows a simplified set of interiors displayed in minimal colors. Quality flooring, fabrics and carpets were selected to offer a sense of subtle luxury pierced by the artistic displays encompassing works of young artists as well as famous ones. In their search to find spectacular furniture pieces for these bright spaces, that would also allow art to become the focal points, architects had to design almost half of them. This resulted in a harmonious interior design that speaks about the owner’s personality and interests. The floating fireplace becomes a display unit, as well as the glass railing staircase and more spaces throughout – the owner’s collections are part of the decor, blending art and architecture in a perfect balance.