Flirting with fields like music, movies, and fashion, Justin Timberlake recently teamed up with his longtime interior designer and friend Estee Stanley in a commitment to making quality design more accessible to everyone. HomeMint showcases collections designed by Justin and Estee together, as well as introduce members to emerging artists and an eclectic choice of designs. Shared between home goods and art curated by the two experienced artists, the project aims at delivering versatile collections that would inspire members of the HomeMint community in their interior design choices. Collaborating with renowned and up-and-coming designers, HomeMint brings personalized style tips according to your preferences, limited edition art and photography or hand-picked finds from around the world. Anyone can contribute to their idea of building an accessible design bridge between cultures or draw inspiration from the four main sections – the Private Collection designed by Justin and Estee, the Collaboration with international artisans, the Unique Finds and the Art sections.