Occupying 400 square meters of the 1,000 square meter property, this flat roof house follows the steeping slope of the terrain. Located in in Zagreb, Croatia, and named Our House, this modern residential construction showcases flexible interiors separated by sliding doors. Local family run architecture studio DAR612 imagined this concrete residence pierced by windows as a dynamic  collection of spaces that can be closed or opened depending on the owner’s needs: “The site’s slope is utilized for optimal design of residential units: on each level of the house there is a flat oriented on three sides, with an access to a terrace or a balcony. The office space is located and designed in order to function independently from the residential part of the house. On the north side, the attic is pushed back in respect to the ground floor, which, along with the lowering of the house in relation to the street level, makes the house visually lower and unobtrusive to its surroundings. The three residential units have their living areas south and west oriented, which enables good quality views unobstructed by nearby buildings. The interiors of the units are made flexible with the use of sliding doors: when doors are fully opened and retracted within closets, individual rooms are connected into one integral area; when closed, the sliding doors divide the flat into separate spaces.”