Contemporary residences respond to their owner’s needs and wishes and this fantastic live-in garage is proof once again that passion can shape the spaces we live in. Designed for a young man whose Maserati was the object of his passion, this surprising garage/residence can be found in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Composed of layers of translucent and transparent separators, this residential space imagined by architect Brunete Fraccaroli is where the owner connects with his passion and surrounding nature. Spreading over 120 square meters, the modern garage is intended to link the owner and his car in the most visible way – the Maserati occupies an important space right in the living room. This versatile space includes the social area, a dining space, and office corner, a home theater and even a washing place. Meeting in-between dark walls and white ceilings, the carefully chosen furniture items compose an up-to-date design perfectly adapted for this special residential project.