Located in a valley of rural Canada, this exemplary residence was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, the same architect that worked on the Port Townsend Residence in Washington. The modern rural house spreads over 6,300 square meters along the crest of a narrow ridge, hence its name – the Ridge House. Prepared to be both a social and a solitary space, the modern house invites sunlight in, but protects the interiors from too much sun with the help of large overhangs across its single sloped roof. Defined by the surrounding presence of an evergreen and hardwood forest, this quiet retreat is described by the architects: “After entering the site through a thick grove of evergreens, the drive turns to reveal the first glimpse of the home— a long, linear core of cut stone sliding under a single slope roof and through a delicate glass volume. 

The stone core, punctuated by two large fireplace masses, organizes the spaces, with primary circulation along the south face of the stone. Gaps in the stone core provide access to each of the living spaces, while the core itself houses bathrooms, closets and other support spaces. Anchored to the south by the stone mass, the living spaces extend north onto a wood deck overlooking the steep slope with tall walls of glass blurring the boundary between inside and out.” The north and west-facing master suite also provokes the senses with its proximity to nature. In fact, all spaces are carefully designed to maximize the exposure to views and natural light, making this home a dreamy residential building.