Californian studio Able + Baker (A+B) imagined an idea that can hide clutter while giving the impression of displaying different book spines. The Modern Library Storage Bin constructs a design adapted to library shelves that serves the purpose of stylishly storing CDs and DVDs, pieces of papers, pens, magazines, you name it – as long as they fit in the 12″ x 12″ x 8″ format. These wooden boxes were adorned with repurposed library books, easy to integrate into a library or bookshelf, between your own real books. Designers say that the Modern Library Storage Bin fits great with the Ikea Expedit bookcase, but these fun and creative wooden storage boxes can be showcased on any shelf, any bookcase they fit in or even be left out on the table. These book spine-displaying boxes can also come with drawer hardware and they are hand crafted from ply maple. Each of the bins are unique – books are carefully chosen and artfully displayed to become part of the storage compartments.