Texas-based studio Mell Lawrence Architects took it upon themselves to recreate this 1981 multi-level home and offer it the surroundings the respect it deserves – a dream home reborn out of its ashes. Located in Austin, Texas, the Mt. Bonnell Remodel was re-imagined for a couple and their three dogs. Most of the existing walls were demolished to make space for an open floor plan, and an office space also became part of the new design. The walls were redone and the ceilings and floors were changed, preparing the rooms for showcasing modern furniture items and charming details. Spreading over 2,700 square meters, the house displayed a huge space potential, translated into a light-filled kitchen connected to the dining and living spaces. I love the modern pantry- straight wooden shelves that display every kitchen accessory, gathered in a long and narrow space. New, larger aluminum windows were installed, connecting the modern interiors to the outside views. Horizontal galvanized corrugated metal siding update the exterior look to a contemporary level, while the rolling frosted plexi-glass doors that partition the interiors were a smart, low-budget solution for this particular project. Outside, two terraced levels connected by broad concrete steps provide the inhabitants with different vantage points for enjoying the surroundings. Perfectly reshaped, right?