Entertainment saturated Los Angeles got a new Google/You Tube office addition, right in Beverly Hills. Designed by HLW, the interiors of this project seem to perfectly blend the attributes of a work environment with the relaxed atmosphere of a social area. Following the trend of colorful office spaces settled by Google (just check out these other two project in London and Zurich), it is only fair that this space in Beverly Hills boasts vivid decors throughout. The most “serious” zones are the ones hosting the actual offices, defined by a relatively simple color palette, yet letting out an overall cozy feel. But as we got used to, informal spaces seem to take over this project, if you are to consider the “visual attachment” factor. Looking through the photos below, it is impossible not to get caught up in the design of the café room, with its industrial influences or in the appearance of the “experience center” in cheerful tones (third photo of the post). How would you comment on the design of this Google/You Tube Office in terms of employee motivation?