One of the world’s most recognizable vertical city – Hong Kong – became subject to an interesting artistic endeavor. Photographer Michael Wolf‘s interpretation of the city was captured in a fascinating set of large scale color photographs entitled “Architecture of Density“. The verticality of the most densely occupied major city in the world inspired vertical, horizontal and square patterns that can be admired in the photographer’s works. Defined by a complex dynamics, these high-rise buildings are home to a great deal of people, some briefly captured in the photographs. Similar to the growing verticality of another major island city – New York – the Chinese sky scrapers offer inhabitable spaces for the country’s growing population, but displaying a different collection of cultural and design elements. Michael Wolf captured in his works the extreme density of the city’s buildings, every once in a while interrupted by laundry left out to dry or scaffolding promising a revised facade. The German-born photographer shows us why Hong Kong was named the “Skyscraper City” – a bit scary, right?