78 square meters are enough for this residential collection of spaces to offer its inhabitants everything they need. Located in Virrat, Finland, the Four-Cornered Villa faces north and east, gathering views of tall, slim surrounding trees through each glazed wall. This constructs a sequence of spaces splendidly oriented towards framed views, making it appear like a dramatic play of dark and white, light and shadow. Avanto Architects worked on this successful project for two years, and clients were more than happy with their new crib. With a flat roof hinting towards a one of  modern architecture’s main features, the dark house is completely hidden from view when seen from the nearby Vaskivesi Lake. Sustainable features provide an eco view on the whole structure – electricity is provided by sunlight, a vegetable and herb garden feeds the inhabitants, the whole structure is insulated and nature surrounds the house – the only disadvantage is the lack of running water, exposing the client’s wish to live an ascetic lifestyle away from stressful city life.