Swiss studio Sofia Designers combined two daily used objects into a simple design duo – a round mirror and a hanger – and named it the Orion Mirror. Showcasing that special charm displayed by versatile objects, this simple, round, multifunctional object minimizes complexity in favor of simplicity. Imagine catching your reflection in the 26 cm high mirror, leaving your coat to hang on the fluidly designed peg and continuing on with your daily activities. When you head out, you see the mirror again – it just seems worth it to see a beautifully designed object every time you interact with your coat. Not only clothes, but also keys and towels, shopping bags or hats can become part of the display. Made out of durable anodized aluminum and showcasing a minimalist but hard to ignore design, the Orion Mirror shows its creators’ industrial design influence and how Stéphane Badet and Laurent De Bernardini managed to update their knowledge to shape a contemporary home accessory.