We received some photos of an apartment in Belgrade, Serbia. designed by one of our readers, Dragana Lazovic and we are curious to see your reactions. As our reader explained, when she bought it, it was completely in ruins and the conversion process lasted for two months. The objective was to create a bright space, inspired by the Scandinavian style. Most of the decorating items in the photos are original, handmade by the artist: “The furniture, except beds and chairs, was not bought in the shop. A joinery workshop made it according to my drafts. I sewed all of the pillowcases on my own. As for the ragged blue and yellow ones, i knitted those. I sewed the curtains as well. Frames are old, bought on an auction site, and I painted them”. How do you appreciate the mix of colors and the use of space in this relatively small, 51 square meter apartment in Belgrade?