Occupying one of the residential plots in Sydney’s Vaucluse suburb, the dwelling overlooking large stretches of water was designed by Sydney-based Bruce Stafford Architects. Located on a narrow lot, this House in Vaucluse opens up to the waterfront via an infinity pool. As conceptualized by the architects, the house is defined by a few important features: “The prime design generator was to frame the various view opportunities from the moment one arrived off the street, by creating a range of different spaces, all connected to a central vertical and horizontal circulation spine on the long axis of the site. This resulted in a series of courtyards and volumetric experiences until arriving at the edge of the infinity pool. The courtyard and double volume living area allow other spaces to ‘borrow’ views by looking through them. The use of natural, textural finishes was core to the design brief as the clients wanted a warm, earthy aesthetic. Rich stone elements such as backlit Onyx and dry stacked quartz stone walls provide highlights in the material palette.”