Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter designed three identical houses situated on a steep slope in the mountainous north of Sweden. Defined by wood and having a minimum impact on the environment, the residences were especially developed for recreational purposes. The layout of the houses is a consequense of the building regulations and a response to the topography of the site. The great scenery and the mountains across the ?re lake can be enjoyed trough the piercing windows. Here is more from the official architects’ description: “A connection axis extents along the building’s long side, divided in four generously-sized sets of stairs. This space allows a view of the whole house from the entrance to the opposite end. Height difference between the highest and lowest point is 31 stairs, as in any other 1 ½ story house with two staircases. The difference, though, is that these buildings have 5 individual levels. The upper floors shelter the hall, two bedrooms, bathroom and sauna, and the two bottom levels accommodate the kitchen and the living room, with a terrace facing south“. Talk about using terrain irregularity to your advantage!