Collecting contemporary art is an occupation that takes up a lot of space. This necessitates a collection of spaces where art stands out, but merging this with a living space posed a challenge for architect Jean Verville, who worked on this project located in downtown Montreal. The Canadian architect designed a loft for an art collector, basing the concept on an unusual set of focal points. Colors make up an interesting, playful space arrangement, while the pure white details soften the overall atmosphere. The Colorful Loft not only displays astounding creations, but it also becomes a modern studio filled with inspiration for the artist’s new projects. Captured in between the walls of this bright and open space, objects, colors and textures mirror in one large wall, accentuating the need for a slightly simpler bedroom. Yellow floods this private space, helping in hiding storage spaces and creating a dynamic interior design even in the absence of usual furniture. Do you like the way this apartment turned out?