Covered in birch bark, the surprising furniture collection from Netherlands-based furniture designer Werner Neumann has everything it needs to be successful – form, material, function and design. Upholstered leather seating and geometric wood drawers meet in this ostentatious collection of furniture pieces including sofas, armchairs, consoles, tables and cabinets. Birch barks used to create a very natural feel were found in the forest – conjuring a powerful connection between interior spaces displaying any of these pieces of furniture and their source. Some pieces were finished with epoxy and paint, while others showcase their natural beauty, unmarked by change. Werner Neumann’s Birchwood Collection is described as a result of combining materials and feelings: “Werner Neumann’s Birchwood collection is born from his love of material and lightness of form. Touched by the beauty of birch bark, Neumann allowed the material to keep it’s natural value and turned it into a practical work of design.