Located in Montmorency, France, and bearing the name of its location, this villa extension adorns a home built in 1910 and updated to suit a modern lifestyle.This Montmorency Residence was re-designed by Francesca De Marchi of Paris-based NIM Architecture to include a contemporary addition that provided the family living here with a merger of old and new on their new property. Deciding to buy their first home, the young couple and their three children ended up enjoying a renovated house, as well as a contemporary addition gathered on a 1,000 square meter property. With a southeast orientation and placed on a slightly sloped land, the residence spotted on Muuuz lacked comfortable light-flooded social spaces, so this white volumetric attachment was designed to shelter the kitchen, dining room and lounge. Built within the limits marked by urban regulations, this extension showcases a green roof underneath which extensive use of glazing allows sunlight to penetrate deep into the interiors. Privacy was obtained by focusing transparency away from neighboring houses and creating a family-friendly environment complete with terrace and a green lawn.